BUDGET HOTELS: Development Support Centre

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I have something completely new and totally different on the blog for you guys today and perhaps for the next few weeks, who knows? You know how they say variety is the sauce of life. Well that hold even true on the blog. Don’t @ me. I said what I said! Call police, call anybody. It is my blog.

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A few days ago I got a call from an old acquaintance from my time at the British Council “Through my eyes” project, Mr ‘Sola Fagorusi inviting me for a training/workshop for social media influencers on a topic which, coincidentally, I happen to be passionate about; Female Genital Mutilation and cutting (FGM/C). It was an opportunity to travel and you know, so that I can have stories to tell, I do not dodge travel opportunities again. However, little did I know that this was going to be much more than a travel experience but an life-changing experience.

As a medical professional, my interests are Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive health, Mental Health and Maternal and Child health. FGM/C in a way lies in interplay between these three aspects of public health and becomes something which I believe should be more of a discussion topic than it currently is.

Arriving in the city of Ibadan, I located the hotel we were to lodge in “Development Support Centre” which at first glance in my e-mail I thought, what a weird name for a hotel. You’d expect something like Radisson Blu, Sheraton, etc. So without wasting time I googled the name and I was mighty relieved to see well detailed and accurate results popping up about the hotel with pictures.

It is a budget hotel located at 3, Reverend Oyebode Crescent, Iyaganku, Ibadan just opposite (more like adjacent really) the Rotary House here. It is within a serene environment away from the noise and distraction of the typical Ibadan. I hardly actually hear vehicles go by. I think I remember seeing a sign along the road which says “No Blowing of horn” or something like that.

If you are trying to locate the hotel it should be pretty easy I imagine because it is actually listed on google maps.

I must however say I didn’t need google maps to locate the hotel because I am a genius and I know Ibadan like the back of my hands. Hahahaha. (are you angry? I am in my house, come and beat me)

When I say budget, don’t get the idea that it is a run-down place. I mean It is really pocket friendly as these prices from Hotels.ng show. So do not expect any of the special effects you might get from bigger hotel chains like Hilton, Sheraton, Radisson Blu and so on. You can expect however that you will be comfortable.



Development Support Centre
Front view of the Hotel
Development Support Centre
An Example of the room


Security is actually quite adequate. Asides from private guards that operate on a shift basis I remember clearly seeing Armed Police every single night of my stay there. They are not too conspicuous so as not to alarm guest but if you are nosy like me you would see them at their post.


Lodging (single rooms and chalets) All are en suite and serviced by 24/7 Power supply through PHCN and back-up supply by generators

Bar and Restaurant


Swimming Pool reserved for Guests only.

All rooms access multiple channels of television programs from local, regional and international stations.

Conference room


I had a pleasant stay at Development support Centre. Although I noticed they didn’t give me fresh towels till my second day. I wasn’t really bothered though, I don’t use hotel towels. I always travel with mine. The rooms are an intricate web(total number of 60 actually). I was confused for a while though; lucky enough my room was at the landing of the first flight of stairs. I also got the dailies. Just one though, the Nigerian Tribune but that’s something.

If you are in Ibadan and you are looking for a budget hotel to stay in around the Dugbe/Iyaganku axis. Think  about Development support Centre. (This is NOT a paid advert)

Coming up in the next post, we are taking the blog on a different direction for a short series on Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting. Don’t forget to leave a comment.

If you have questions or need clarifications or you just feel a need to share with us,

Email: AjalaTales1@gmail.com

Follow me on Twitter: @Okizle and join the convo #EndFGMng

Peace. Love. And Chicken Grease.

PS: I do not own credit for any of the uploaded images. I sourced them from google maps probably uploaded by several independent google local guides or the establishment. I took some really lovely pictures however my storage unit was compromised and I lost all my images. I am still grieving. Send help!


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