Hello People!

We are back and first we have some good news. We have a logo sorted out and perhaps some of you our readers would have been seeing it on Instagram or Facebook let me drop it here for you good folks officially. Here you go!

Ajala tales logo concept2
AjalaTale Logo

Quick background info about the logo. Remember in this post, we shared the reason why the blog is named AjalaTales. Olabisi Ajala was a Nigerian who famously travelled to quite a number of countries in the world with is iconic scooter. His name has been forever immortalized in songs and folklore, even in colloquial terms referring to a person who can’t do without travelling, for work or leisure.

Now that we have that sorted out, let me tell you what we have been up to recently. AjalaTales had its first road trip on Easter Monday which was a fascinating experience if I might add. We put the word out and got quite a number of returns from different people signifying their interest. Although so of you good folks couldn’t make the trip, we understand, there will always be road trips worth planning for.

road trip

This time we went to the historical town of Igbeti in Oyo state, Nigeria. Igbeti is also known as the marble city as it has one of the richest deposits of marble in Nigeria. Igbeti is located in Olorunsogo local government area of Oyo state within the Oyo North senatorial district in the area of the state popularly known as “Oke ogun”. It is quite a friendly town with lovely people and a great atmosphere. The air is so clean, I mean dwelling in the “city” exposes you to all forms of allergens and pollutants that you almost forget how clean the air can be. It was so clean I wanted to bottle some of it and sell on amazon and ebay for $300. Hey, this website will not run itself! We are working on moving to our own domain and that costs money, donate to our cause! I digress.

Planning a road trip, who knew that something so simple could be so…hard? Not really, but as a person I have the perpetual need to control the narrative. I have been told it is not healthy but it has to be perfect, especially since this was the first one. First impression they say.


Our take of point was Ilorin, Kwara state. I should add at this point that we actually had people come all the way from Ibadan, scratch that, Akwa-Ibom to make this trip. Shout out to Dr Awotunde. We had good Folks come in from Ogbomoso to make this trip. Respect to Kolawole, Samuel and Temmy. We had lovely folks join us in Ilorin big ups to Toyosi Ige, Teewai Dee, Lord Josh the wicked writer, Damie Lord of Bass King of strings, Lara, Olufe, DoktaYoung and of course J Dust aka Major Prophet J Dust.


I want to throw a major shout out to Farsar Landways for coming through with transport at an affordable price. If you are looking to hire a bus to travel soon, get at them, they have really good vehicles.

Our Journey to Igbeti was interesting, we had J Dust cracking our ribs all the way. The good folks in the bus made it lively and in no time we berthed at Igbeti and stop for quick breakfast. Our mission as explorers was to conquer the enormous “Iya Mapo” mountain and we weren’t going to do that on empty stomachs. After that we made a quick trip to the town centre to see the “Oke Agbele” This is another historical landform in the town. Oke Agbele famously told as the story of a woman who turned into stone with her baby on her back. Oke Agbele isn’t so much of a climbable land form but it makes for good tales and even great pictures. It is so famous that it actually is the emblem of Olorunsogo Local government which Igbeti finds its self domiciled.


Onward to our main attraction the mountain hike. This was the true test of some people’s resolve and mental strength. We started out strong at the foot of the mountain but along the way some people claimed they nearly died, these people will remain nameless (See? LordJosh I promised I won’t call your name and I have kept my promise) Rehydration is quite important and can’t be overemphasized. When climbing you are exposed to the elements, especially the sun and you will need to rehydrate as frequently as possible. Don’t forget to take time out to rest and catch your breath. Let me tell you about hypoxia, the higher you go, the less oxygen is available for you to breathe and the more breathless you become. Work of breathing is increased as your body utilizes accessory muscles of respiration….yeah I just had to oppress with my medical knowledge to remind you guys, na the work wey we dey do! (that’s our work).



Despite these fact some people climbed without breaking a sweat, major props to TeeWai Dee our winner of the day. I thought I was fit TeeWai Dee stunned everybody. She was just waaaaay ahead of everybody.

TeeWai Dee…and a male fan!

At the summit you have the opportunity to take in the view from the top. See the world around you and look at beauty in nature. The vegetation and tiny little houses. It is quite incredible if you ask me and I am sure the entire team would agree with me. We had time to rest a bit before resuming on our journey back to the land of mere mortals…We sang a bit, Major Prophet J Dust rendered a spontaneous remix of Travis Greene’s “Made a way” check it out on his instagram @jdust_unc.



We got lost! Let us leave it at that. What’s  a hike without getting lost once or twice! Hehehehe

Delightful Pounded yam was our reward back on earth. Yes we ascended to the heavens and returned with wings like red bull…or something like that. We had a filling meal.

The journey back to Ilorin was smooth! I believe most of our clients had a wonderful experience even if I say so myself. It was a time to learn about culture, ancient history and tradition of a group of people. There are so many things that people can learn about from places not so far away from them. Our generation is the social media generation and we can easily find out about the history of places and people with a simple google search but the fact remains that going there to experience it is completely different. We have a responsibility to tell these stories, preserve our heritage and embrace our culture. There’s a reason why the CNN tag line says “Go There”. You never truly understand until you see

A few things you should know

We know you are eager for some adventure but we consider safety first. Consider these ideas:

Go dressed in a clothes that you can climb/hike with. You may want to consider Shorts and Tee Shirts. Perhaps something light.

Footwear. Please if it can be avoided, don’t climb with slippers preferably, sneakers or any footie you feel comfortable climbing/hiking with

Sunglasses/Face caps: besides trying to be fashionable and look cool for the camera, this can come in handy to deflect the sun beams.

AjalaTales ProTip: We find that a scarf or bandana is a wise thing to take along on this hike. *wink*

Stay hydrated!

If you wish to organize a road trip with your folks or group to this place, Why don’t you give us a shout out

We respond promptly.

Our next RoadTrip will be announced soon! Don’t be caught unaware.


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