Ilorin Through My Eyes: LORD JOSH (part 2)

Hi, LordJosh is back!

In my previous post I tried to prove Ilorin isn’t a boring town and I am not a boring person. I don’t know if I succeeded at proving any of the above postulations but I’ll try my best to bring it all home in this post. If you haven’t read the previous post, read it here

Today’s post is going to be about stuff you can do and places you can visit as a group. And as I promised I will telling you how I faced one of my biggest fears. In fact, I should start with that.

Acrophobia, the fear of heights is not irrational at all, don’t mind what Wikipedia tells you. Have you ever being on a very high building and you look down? You know you are behind barriers and there’s no way you will fall except somebody pushes you but you are afraid anyway. In your mind you calculate the distance between where you are and the ground, you imagine the thud your body will make on contact with the floor, the many pieces your brain will break into. It now becomes worse if somebody start coming towards you. You are afraid the person will suddenly become possessed with a devil and push you down. Acrophobia is not good, I tell ya. So it must tell you how brave I was to try this;


This is a very long canopy walk in the University of Ilorin Zoo.


You are supposed to look around the Zoo while you are up there but I spent all my energy and concentration on staying alive and not looking scared. If you don’t fear heights (you should) this is something you should try.


Like I mentioned earlier, the canopy walk is in a Zoo. The Zoo is another place you can go to have fun. I agree the catering services could be better packaged but the animals make up for that. There are several animals in the Zoo. Birds; different types, monkeys; different types. Wild animals; hyenas, jackals, foxes and of course the King of the jungle; the Lion.

There was a very proud and showy giraffe too. Like it’s the only one with long neck. The giraffe should come and see boys during Further Math exams.


But the animal that caught my attention the most was the cheetah. The cheetah was pacing in its 7 foot wide cage. Back and forth, back and forth, it paced. It did not stop when we came, it did not stop when we were gone. It looked like a cat with a plan. I won’t be surprised to hear it breaks out someday. Hopefully it won’t happen when you’re there.


Sure the Zoo has a lot of drama but let’s go to the place where the real drama happens; The Cinema.

For years young people like me longed and desired for a Cinema in Ilorin. SilverBird, FIlmhouse, the more popular Cinemas decided against Ilorin but God had mercy on us and sent ViVa Cinemas. It’s still one of the hottest spots in town. Hollywood won’t stop releasing really great movies and people won’t stop watching them. Fortunately Nollywood has started releasing Cinema worthy movies too. I’m a big advocate of Nollywood and I also try my best to influence my friends to see Nollywood movies and not sit down at home and think Africa Magic is all there is to Nollywood. If you’re in town and you need something to do, the cinema always has something good showing.


So, what if you have kids? A lot of my friends are having kids now, so it’s not farfetched to think you have them. There is Romp Hangout for your kids. Romp Hangout is the ultimate amusement park experience with swings and inflated houses, the whole works. And who said it’s only for kids? I don’t know about you but I missed out on a lot of fun when I was a kid. I don’t blame my parents, they did the best they could but sometimes I think there’s a lot I didn’t do when I was kid that I’ll like to do now. Well, if you are like me, or you just want a nice place to hang out with your friends, Romp Hangout is the place.

If I ask you what fun activity you can do on water, you’ll probably say swimming. You’ll be right but there’s something else you can do on water; boat-riding. That is what you get at the Unilorin Dam. You can pay for a boat and go on a sailing mission with your friends. A sailing mission without sails.


Me, I’m waiting for a day they will bring ships – thekind we see in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ and give us some proper rum and Jack Sparrow hats. That’s the kind of boat ride I want.

Image from

If you don’t want the boat-ride, you can just hang out beside the water and do your thing with your friends.

Okay, with this last part I have no experience. I’m not ashamed to say it so you can judge me if you want.


Yeah, most guys love to club, I’m just not one of them. Well, I’m not the Mayor of Ilorin, so your clubbing needs are well taken care of. There is the Klubb Spartakuz at Princess Luxury Hotel.

Image from

There is the GQ lounge at the mall.

Well, this looks healthy…..

These two clubs are high-end clubs I’ve heard about. Are they as good inside as they look outside? Find out at your own risk.

Like I said I don’t have much experience in this area. Perhaps Okiki can educate you more on this, he might have more experience here. At least his belly seems to suggest so.(Okiki writes: He’s just trying to spoil my name in the community)

So obviously I didn’t and can’t mention every fun spot in Ilorin, I don’t even know most of them but here’s a few. It’s been two very long posts so I’ll just stop here.

Visit Ilorin very soon and when you do, give me a call, maybe I’ll take you to some of these places. On your naira, of course.

This is Ilorin through my eyes. Here’s LordJosh signing out.

Editor’s note: I want to really thank Lord Josh for doing this. It means a lot to have the wicked writer write for your blog. He is an awesome writer really and he has some books out there. Click Here and Here and Here, for some gut wrenching, heart pumping, fist clenching, tongue biting suspense.



  1. Interesting. I love the pictures!!!!!!!! My goodness!!! Okizle is such an awesome photographer. Kudos to Lord Josh and Okizle.. 🙌🙆


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