We Are Back

Hey People,

Probably is should apologise profusely for the hiatus on the blog. I know I kept many of you guys waiting, anticipating awesomeness and that was bad behaviour. I know, I know, I am badly behaved and I am sorry about that, lets just hug and make up.

This won’t be a long post really. I am just stopping by to let you guys know I am still alive and kicking. I was away doing some soul searching, you know, contemplating the origin of the universe and the meaning of things, that kind of thing. LOL.

Really though, while i was away, I did a little bit of traveling and I had fun. Some people tried to steal my joy though but we triumph still. I spent a couple of days in the capital city of the Federal Republic of Nigeria…Abuja! It was brilliant and let me use this opportunity to throw a heart felt shout out to my hosts and brothers, ‘Seun and ‘Gbenga Ogunkunle. You guys rock!


I know we haven’t completed the series on “Ilorin through my eyes” just yet and that will go up in a bit, the final post(s). Then we have Abuja lined up for you followed by a trip to Akwa Ibom. Which reminds me, did the Ibom Fest happen yet? I really want to be there when it happens.

I hope to be able to visit Yankari Games Reserve sometime soon, mainly because of the Wikki warm springs. I am a water groupie (if there’s anything like that)

But stay glued to this screen…not literally of course! We are creating awesomeness and having fun while doing it.

Peace. Love. And Chicken Grease


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