Ilorin through my eyes: Introduction


Hey people.

I know. I know. I promised a video next on the blog but post production is taking quite longer than I anticipated. The last few days has given me a deeper level of respect for film makers though. Even though I understand the fact that the Hollywood big shots use all this giant complicated studio set ups but still… I am a baby film maker exploring the limits of Adobe Creative Suite but I digress.

So this past weekend something happened that really piqued my interest and gave me an idea about what my next couple of posts should be about. I was born and bred in Ilorin, Nigeria. Even though Kwara state isn’t my home state but I have lived in Ilorin all my life though not so much now anyway. I have been in Ilorin for about 2 weeks now and I must admit it gets pretty boring at times. Primarily because my “gang” isn’t in Ilorin anymore, growing up does things to you and friendship you have built over time. One thing is it is all for greater things, everybody fanning out and doing big things wherever they are. I am so proud the guys.

A friend and senior colleague came into town sometime last week and I didn’t know immediately that happened. So when I met her, naturally, I was bound to ask “so what have you been doing”. Her instinctive reply “Your Ilorin is too boring”. She speaks truth people but as a Ilorin boy, I revolted inside my body. Don’t call my town boring. Do you know the memories we have made and created in this town? LOL. Then almost immediately, I had a light bulb moment.

In the next few posts, I will dedicate it to take you guys through my favorite places in Ilorin. From where is the most quiet meditation spot to where can you turn it up. I have a place where I think they make the best barbeque catfish in town. I have another place where In my opinion, they make the best catfish peppersoup. I have place I can go to experience the local food and places I can go to experience the special cuisine. I want to share with you guys generally the beauty if the city. I know many of you prefer your Abuja and your Lagos but for the sake of our sanity many of us love our Ilorin.

Join me as I take you through this journey “Ilorin through my eyes” I will be having special guest go with me and maybe if we are feeling up to it, give you guys a podcast or two! We are ready.

Peace. Love. And Chicken Grease.


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