Hey people, it is 2017 at last woot! woot!! I am excited, for a minute there it felt like 2016 might go on forever but look at us now, in the new year all fresh and psyched ready to go. Before I go on let me share a bit, now that I have your attention.

I had a lovely december, the holiday period was quite enlightening and inspiring. I had time to do some deep reflecting and design a pathway I hope and pray my 2017 would follow. My boss, friend and team lead at In His Steps dropped a gem for us this year and the word is “Indelible“. It means a lot of things, permanent, unforgettable, everlasting, embedded to say a few. The goal this year is to leave a mark on world, in your hearts and hope you never forget. We are God’s pleasing aroma. PLEASING AROMA! It means long after we are gone, we will leave a scent of us in the minds and heart of people that will be ingrained! WE WILL BE INDELIBLE.

That said let me tell you about my holidays. I don’t know where to start but in the unforgettable words of whoever said it first, It was lit! It started out like a bad idea the days leading up to Christmas. I spent a fair share of those days in the hospital (more on that later….or never) but it turns out that I was meant to have fun. Now I won’t share it all in one post because what type of human will I be doing that. I will share a sneak peak.


The annual camp/event of the In His Steps movement ( Happened in Lagos this year and it was wonderful meeting and sharing with young people like me who are on fire for God. We shared stories, worshiped, played games, argued deeply but all together for his fame and glory. #FHFG

We had a white themed shoot and here’s a group of us feeling fly #Angelic

That leads me to an important aspect of this post. The In His Steps movement is much more than just a magazine, yes we started out as a magazine but now we organise annual camps, host a show on Praiseworld Radio (@Praiseworld_)called the Thr3e show (@Thr3eshow). We also have a couple of short films out and last but not the least, we do some charity work through our ‘off-shoot’ organisation “THE JUDAH PROJECT”. It is a really cool family, seriously, ask around! Guess what, we have a gift shop now to purchase a variety of IHS merchandise. Some are fixed designs, others can be custom made for you. I recommend you get the mugs….sorry Sir B, I have the liberty to recommend to my readers. Check it!

Check out this Picture of me, rocking an IHS tee….

I got 99 problem but a lovely tee shirts aint one….JK I don’t have any problems at all, this Tee-shirt solves everything.

If you are interested in copping a merch, email to

Lekki Conservation Centre

This part require a dedicated post which I shall come to once I get around to completing the post production on the pictures I took. It is worth saying this is one of the places I strongly recommend you to visit if for any reason you are in Lagos, Nigeria. The Nigerian Conservation Foundation and the Lagos state government have done a solid Job in creating and maintaining this facility. It a great place to observe wildlife and vegetation in their natural habitat while being adventurous. Yep they have a mean canopy walk over the, about 78 hectares expanse of natural vegetation. It the longest (possibly highest) in Africa. If you have acrophobia, do not try this.


I don’t know how high I was on that tower but I reckon it must have been about 100m

Stay tuned and watch me reveal the whole story about my trip to the Lekki Conservation Centre.

I hope you guys has a lovely holiday. What fun things were you up to? Do you think you might want to share on this platform? Just hit us up.

All Images are a copyright of AjalaTalesBlog.



  1. Cool recap. Thanks fam! And it’s true: one post isn’t enough to do justice to the awesome time at the 2016 IHS camp. Looking forward to this year’s camp already!


  2. Went to that Lekki Reservation place once. Didn’t take the overhead bridge, took the ground one and it was so long we thought we’d come out in Ibadan or something.
    Will definitely go back for the overhead bridge someday.


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