Journey Begins 

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Now that we have that over with, this isn’t your usual word press site. This is where fun begins. I think. You see, I have never been one who loves travelling but then I travel a lot. I end up travelling more than I bargain for. More often than not my trips are for one event or another and usually not of my own volition. 
I cant immediately tell you why I dislike traveling a lot but one thing that has contributed to that is the fact that I get motion sickness quite easily. Especially if I’m not the one driving on long trips. Many times I want to puke, well, when I was younger I used to puke violently but I think I grew out of that. So you see, traveling isn’t fun to me per se. 
On the flip side, I am an adventurer! When I travel or if I happen to visit anywhere, I try as much as possible to get the maximum experience possible. If it is a “strange” land, I immerse myself in the culture and try to glean as much as I can in the little time I have. Even the journey to where ever I am is meant to be an experience. Being the inquisitive guy, I ask questions about a lot of things! 
Yeah, I am a Nigerian. You know Nigeria is a country that is so rich in a mix of culture and traditions. From the north to the south, east to the west. We are so different and I guess that is what makes us unique. Like @iJesseWilliams said “the thing is though, just because we are magic doesn’t mean we are not real”. 
I guess you can call AjalaTales… A blog which focuses on telling stories of the awesome of Nigeria and it’s people, our cultures, our tradition, our Magic and our places! You can expect to see from time to time stories about awesome places in Nigeria. Places you need to visit and places you can just go to have a drink and kick it with your squad. 
We will be coming to a city near you and best believe this is where we will dissect our experience while making it fun as possible. I can’t promise you there won’t be negative reviews but we hope this makes service providers sit up and do better. 
Welcome to Ajala Tales. 


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